Web self-service

Top channel for getting answers fast

Surprisingly, despite the omni-channel world we now live in, there are still those who consider web self-service to be a second-rate customer support channel. There is a misconception that customers would actually prefer to be kept on hold, waiting to speak to a contact centre operator when they require assistance, rather than being able to DIY, to find answers to their queries themselves via an organisation’s website.

Web self-service certainly isn’t a second rate customer support channel. In fact, it is one of the most popular customer service communication channels. We shop, compare, learn, share and ‘live’ online. It’s no wonder it has become second nature to go to a brand’s website first when looking for answers rather than having to pick up the phone to a customer service agent.

Self-service benefits

Using natural language, we want to use web self-service in our fast paced digital world to get consistently correct and quick answers. We value the minimal effort involved in having the ability to self-serve.

Web self-service is not only convenient to deflect unnecessary contact or cost savings to the contact center, it can be an incredibly powerful customer service tool with a knowledge-base at the core, guiding agents to questions they are asked.

Synthetix self-service cloud solution

Synthetix web self-service is part of our Self-service Cloud solution which includes:

Our web self-service interface can be designed to fit the look, feel and tone of your brand across social, mobile and web platforms.

Synthetix also offer PaaS. Using our SYNAPPS developer tools, in full support of the new Facebook Messenger bot and Microsoft bot applications, you can create powerful online customer service tools such as live chat or a knowledge-base.

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Contact us here or download our whitepaper – 5 Myths about web self-service

In this white paper, we will be addressing some of the most common myths surrounding web self-service.

Highlights within this whitepaper:

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