Omni Channel Customer Service Experiences

What is the difference between multi channel and omni channel customer service?

Customers have their own preferences regarding which channels they want to use to contact a business to answer their questions in the quickest possible time. Many businesses have invested a lot of time, effort and money to deliver multi-channel customer service, however too often they struggle to integrate these contact channels to deliver consistent customer experiences, regardless of channel choice.

What does omni channel customer service look like?

To deliver true omni channel customer service, the silos between contact channels such as voice, email, SMS/text, web, mobile or social media, has to be diminished. The road to omni channel customer service from a customer’s point of view, is to be able to seamlessly transition from one channel to another.

Having to repeat information over and over again and inconsistent answers, are sure ways to get customers frustrated. This negative experience will most certainly impact on a customer’s view of the brand, resulting in them sharing this experience with their friends or the world through social media.

Ultimately, seamless channel shift and consistency from the customer’s point of view is just as important to contact centre agents. Having the right consistent information to hand will make it easier for agents to serve customers over multiple channels.

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