The cure for the common call | Multi-channel online customer service

Dealing with online multi-channel customer service headaches

The world has changed, and so have customers. No longer forced to accept what is imposed on them by the industry, the ways in which UK and US customers contact companies are changing dramatically...the entire customer experience (CSX) has evolved.

Yet, if so many companies are embracing multi-channel online customer service, why are consumers still picking up their phones? Are we destined to always have live voice at the center of our channel mix? To be more precise, is this being forced on customers or does it reflect the real demand?

Channels appear to be multiplying as technology is advancing and multi-channel customer service needs to change to deliver omni-channel customer experiences. We have found some shocking statistics from studies in the US and the UK, exploring why companies are still struggling with multi-channel customer service.

All the research suggests organisations have much more ground to cover before seamless multi-channel customer service will be common place.

Synthetix is a leader in multi-channel, online customer service. We have worked with many of the world’s best-known brands, transforming their online customer experiences using our web self-service and contact centre technologies. A complete suite of attractive, integrated customer contact tools refines online customer service into exceptional experiences with comprehensive reporting, analytics and editorial control.

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