Knowledge base (KB) software from Synthetix

Unlimited questions, one fixed rate

A knowledge base is a specific kind of database for knowledge management. Knowledge-base software architecture consists of expert system intelligence to retrieve the right responses to specific questions.

Simply put, when managed properly, a knowledge-base system will assist in the delivery of great online customer service providing access to consistent, correct and most up to date information relating to specific products, services or the most frequently asked questions.

Synthetix knowledge base software

Knowledgebase software from Synthetix allows call center agents to create, manage, search and share information through a user-friendly agent desktop or web interface to accurately and quickly help resolve customer queries in real time, on their terms, 24/7/365.

Call centre knowledgebase technology from Synthetix can easily help turn any call centre agent into a seasoned expert and slash training times.

Synthetix understands that every business has unique knowledge management needs. Our highly rated knowledge base technology has been designed with both customers and call center agents in mind to contribute to user experience, not overall cost. With Synthetix, your knowledgebase will be built or imported right the first time to get you up and running quickly.

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