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Synthetix Offers Full Support for New Facebook and Microsoft Chatbots

Pressures on businesses having to serve customers over multiple channels are increasing and time and effort spent delivering on customers’ expectations has become an expensive commodity in our busy, fast-paced world.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook’s Messenger app now offers users the capability to converse with organisations and brands through a chatbot interface after Microsoft too, announced their offering of chatbot framework. This framework will allow users to build and connect intelligent bots using NLP (natural language programming) from text/SMS to Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail and other popular services.

Synthetix believe the adoption of chatbots and Messenger platforms to be an influential new collaborative customer service channel, able to seamlessly escalate automated customer dialogues to live agents.

Synthetix has been building chatbots since 2001. Always looking to take online customer service to the next level, it’s no coincidence that their latest API tools (SYNAPPS) support both Microsoft and Facebook’s chatbot frameworks, which will open up new opportunities for businesses to expand their online customer service technology strategy and support customers directly without shifting them to channels such as phone and email.

Application Programming Interface sounds a rather complicated concept, but this powerful technology, born of the web and accelerated by mobile, is now the driving force behind the software that make our lives so much easier in our ever expanding online, multi-channel, always on, world. Synthetix APIs (SYNAPPS) can be the competitive dynamic for businesses looking to enhance their customer service delivery.

Synthetix APIs are great time savers. A key layer of connectivity between disparate software, developers can build amazing tools such as knowledge-bases or live chat or chatbots, as SYNAPPS allow different software programs to integrate or mould their best features together by sharing and taking actions on one another’s behalf without requiring developers to share all of their software’s code.

Synthetix RESTful Application Programming Interfaces are flexible, able to be used in mobile applications, social networking, websites and interactive applications (using Ajax) that process user requests immediately.

Operational metrics and analytics within SYNAPPS will deliver insights into how the chatbot, live chat or knowledge-base FAQ applications are performing.

Apply to join the Synthetix APIs developer community today to start creating powerful online customer service tools, like chatbots, to simplify incredibly difficult or time-consuming tasks into much easier processes and save both time and money.

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