Centralised Knowledge

Knowledge at the heart of everything we do

Meeting customer expectations isn't easy - there has never been more channels over which your customers will expect to get in touch and to ensure you maintain high levels of satisfaction and engagement.

At Synthetix we believe that KNOWLEDGE is the key to consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences, across multiple channels. Information made available on the web, in call centre and in high-street branches must be consistent to create seamless customer interaction with a brand.

Knowledge management from Synthetix allows users to create, edit, view and share information across their organisation. The Synthetix Knowledge Editor tool, enables knowledge resources to be managed independently.

Simple to use, the Synthetix Knowledge Editor allows knowledge authors to contribute articles, administrators to create multiple knowledge bases and to assign knowledge bases to individual managers.

Maintenance, review and updates can be authored and edited without the need for support / skills from a Technical or IT software engineer.