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Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach

And The Award For The Top UK

Company For Customer Service Goes To ..

Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach Monday 11th April 2016

The Top 50 Companies for Customer Service is UK’s largest and most prestigious customer service benchmarking programme. Conducted in Partnership with GfK using real customers to benchmark customer service across multiple channels using customer led KPI’s providing an “outside in” view of their experience.

In order to exceed their customers' expectations, these organisations know that outstanding customer service doesn't just happen; it's carefully planned. Passionate about customer service, member organisations look to deliver customer service excellence by exploring the latest innovations in technology, new ways of thinking and approach within the sector.

At Synthetix we are fanatical about customer service too, which is why it is such an honour to be associated with this programme and we are proud to have worked with some of the UBM’s ICMI Top 50 Companies for Customer Service, utilising our online customer service technology.

Synthetix were excited to be involved in this year’s renowned programme and alongside our guests were dressed to impress at the Top50 Gala evening at Old Trafford Football Stadium.

The air was filled with anticipation from the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service, all hoping to be awarded the number one spot. The Met Office walked away as winners on the night, but so many companies showed their real passion for customer service with figures showing improvement in a variety of channels.

Director of the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service, Raj Dattani said ‘It is a great privilege to be associated Synthetix. Working with Neldi and the team, it is fantastic to see that they share the same passion for service and improvement. Their technology is great and has certainly assisted our members in taking their service to the next level.’

Marketing Manager for Synthetix, Neldi Rautenbach said ‘We are delighted to be part of this programme. We breathe online customer service solutions, and seeing some of our clients at the top of this list makes us really proud. We hope to share with others our knowledge of best practice and look forward to next year’s announcement, where we hope to have even more of our clients boasting in the UK’s Top 50 Companies for Customer Service.’

We look forward to the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service Conference on 26 November, where Synthetix will have one of the UK’s experts in Customer Experience, Paul Weald present the workshop topic: ‘Effortless Multi-channel Customer Experience’