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Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach

Merry CXmas

Already, Really?

Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach Tuesday 4th October 2016

Merry Christmas

Before you ask, no, I don’t have sunstroke. Each year, somehow, at the start of Autumn, most of us think, ‘Where has the year gone?’ Everywhere we go, marketing efforts for the next big seasonal holiday or seasonal event, has us questioning if the earth might be spinning slightly faster these days.

And in this madness, marketing appears to snowball once competitors catch wind of efforts to be the first to alert customers to the fact that we only have 110 days left to shop before Christmas. (Yes, really)

However, today’s customer is complicated. Technology has not only changed the way we receive marketing messages, but how we communicate, shop, complain, live.

Supercomputers in our pockets, smartphones, not only have more than 30 percent of the UK adults using it within five minutes of waking, but according to MEF research, 14 percent of smartphone users shop on their device whilst watching TV. M-commerce sales – purchases on tablets and smartphones – grew by 57 percent between June 2014 and June 2015 according to IMRG Capgemini e-Retail’s Sales Index.

And when customers brave the crowds to shop in-store, powerful wi-fi connectivity and 4G networks within modern day malls ensure smartphone users can browse retailers’ websites, book click-and-collect pick-ups, price-compare with ease while they shop.

But consumers don’t want to feel like just another bauble on a Christmas tree. They want personal, sparkly, connected experiences regardless of channel. The best designed website in the world will mean nothing if customers can’t find knowledgeable answers to questions they might have about products, delivery or support.

So how do you find the ideal mix of service channels for your customers?

Many organisations have gone digital in a bid to satisfy customer expectations for ‘always there’ real-time service, but many still struggle to turn multi-channel customer service into sophisticated and effective omni-channel service delivery.

No brand gets worshipped by accident – there is a lot of work that goes into wooing and retaining customers. Organisations that can deliver a customer focused culture over a sustained period will surely outperform their competitors over the longer term.

Amazon appears to have nailed the core element of retail. Comprising of three prickly areas: simple ­checkout and paying without queuing; searching and finding products in one place online; and getting assistance.

Identifying the ideal mix of live service, self-service and proactive service is challenging, but having the right technology to support customer experience efforts could be key to breaking the silos between channels, e.g. having an integrated knowledge-base across your contact centre and customer facing online channels.

With Halloween the next holiday already occupying precious floor space, we would like to invite you to a customer focussed event about the complexities of today’s customer relationships and how to adjust your service strategy accordingly. 

The keynote by Megan Neale will be followed by smaller table discussions/workshops; giving you the opportunity to debate the specific challenges you’re facing with other like-minded professionals.

Dare to register your seat for this thrilling event in Leeds on 2 November?

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