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Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach

You Better Get This Party Started

Have Some Digital Cake On Us

Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach Monday 15th May 2017

Although we are only 16 - in tech years - we are pioneers, just like the first permanent English Jamestown settlers a hundred years ago to the date. We have been creating ‘New World’ customer experiences, revolutionising online customer service with our seamless integration of customer contact channels such as Virtual Agents, FAQ search, live chat and e-mail management.

Turning sixteen traditionally marks the passage into early adulthood, so you could say that we are celebrating another stage of maturity in our sector and in AI tech society.

Our Synthetix Contact Cloud and Self-service Cloud technologies has evolved to now offer Platform as a Service (PaaS), empowering developers to create their own powerful online customer service tools using our API (SYNAPPS) technology.

Born in 2001

At the beginning of the new Millennium Peter McKean and the other co-founders of Synthetix were employed by an organisation concerned with the production of e-business solutions. Peter introduced the concept of marrying NLP technology to create a Virtual Agent to assist businesses with their online customer enquiries - an idea he got from his previous employment using natural language search to search to report old financial data.

His employer in the city, set about developing their take on Virtual Agent technology.

However, Peter and the other co-founders of Synthetix had a concept for comparable software in mind that could be deployed quicker and would be more cost-effective, but their employer wasn’t interested.

They left that firm to start Synthetix and develop their ideas into a product they could viably sell. With no salary and an early release of their new software on old laptops, they touted what they’d done around existing contacts and other potential prospects.

Luckily, someone took a chance on them and they developed six Virtual Agents for the BBC. That work won them an award and the rest is history!

Have some digital cake on us!

Since founding Synthetix in 2001, Peter has pioneered the development of AI-based Virtual Agents and Natural Language Processing for self-service, building a suite of powerful, knowledge-driven multi-channel customer service applications which are cloud-first and deeply integrated with each other to deliver great customer experiences. 

Though Managing Director of Synthetix, Peter is passionate about software engineering and innovation, guiding the development of Synthetix’s products and services to ensure they are the best they can be and still likes to check in code from time to time.

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