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Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach

CX Olympics - Would You Win

Customer Experience

Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach Wednesday 3rd August 2016

Every time I turn on the news, Rio appears to feature in the headlines. The most visited city in the Southern Hemisphere, Rio is not only hot for most of the year, but seems to be the cause of more than a few hot flushes with regards to the 2016 Summer Olympics™.

As Rio prepares to host the Olympic Games, the media has not been kind in painting a disastrous outcome for the 2016 Games. Many businesses today can associate with Rio’s struggle and pressures to deliver on the world’s expectations of hosting this event meant to transpire Brazil’s emerging market into that of a developed economy.

The 2016 Summer Olympics were awarded to Rio de Janeiro on 2 October 2009. Isn’t’ it strange that somehow they were still caught out by the sheer scale of the event, the preparations, funding and workforce needed to meet the deadline in August this year?

Unfortunately in business, not delivering on customer expectations can be THE game changer with digital channels making it easier for customers to research and switch to competitor offerings. According to recent Gartner Survey – From 2016, 89% companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36% four years ago.

So what can we learn about delivering on customers’ expectations especially with regards to customer service from the 2016 Summer Olympics™?

­­­­­Customer experience heptathlon

It’s challenging to deliver on customer expectations is when a brand’s understanding of the customer journey is limited. This might have businesses investing in a multitude of customer contact channels to cover all their bases without a clear customer service strategy to support it.

When training to take part in a heptathlon, athletes have to have a clear strategy to perform well in each event. They understand that training alone won’t get them optimum results. They need to know exactly when to reserve their energy to not overstrain their muscles, as well as which foods and in which quantities they need to consume at specific times. Only by integrating this knowledge into their training, might deliver them a medal.

This applies to serving customers over multiple channels. Not understanding whether specific channels are fit for purpose, or how they rely on one another will have brands missing the opportunity to create a lasting competitive advantage.

Knowledge is key to delivering consistent and correct information. With a centralised knowledge-base at its core integrated across contact channels such as a website, mobile, social and on agent desktops, quick and accurate customer support even during an influx in demand can be delivered efficiently.

Enter the professionals

The latest upsetting announcement with regards to the Summer Olympics™ makes another good point. Having amateur boxers facing pros, in the words of newly-crowned WBC world cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew, ‘is dangerous … To fight a guy with no professional experience is insane.’

Businesses that want to be classed as delivering superior, ‘pro’ customer experiences will have to engage their customers. A boxing tournament has to deliver on spectator expectations, which won’t be fulfilled with a knockout in the first round. They will need a clear strategy, supported by powerful integrated technology across channels and staff with a clear understanding of the objectives that need to be achieved.

Closing ceremony

To deliver on customer expectations, businesses should learn from Olympic athletes.

  • Continuously review their customer service strategy, as even small changes can have a huge impact on customer experience.
  • Integrate knowledge across all channels to ensure that information is consistent, accurate and quick to access.
  • Have a clear strategy in place for the customer service technology they choose to invest in and understand that multiple channels should integrate with each other to create a unified view from the customer’s point of view.

Did you know that Synthetix supported LOCOG with the delivery of Web Self-service for the 2012 website, online shop, as well as their contact centre with an Agent knowledge-base?

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