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Synthetix - Turning questions into answers - Synthetix faqtAgent is an intelligent search engine for your FAQs that learns from every customer interaction, automatically optimising the knowledge-base.
Synthetix - Get the Knowledge - Our customer service software puts knowledge everywhere, engaging your audience via the web, mobile phones and social networks.
Get the Knowledge - About Synthetix
Turning questions into answers
Connecting customers through web chat
Delivering great customer experiences
Customer service goes social
Your new workforce, available 24x7
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Monday, 12 October 2015
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Intelligent, searchable FAQs for your website »
Reduce inbound calls and e-mails by 25% with faqtAgent. Smart customer service software that lets customers self-serve answers to common questions.
Fast knowledge-base access for contact-centre agents »
Synthetix knowledgeAgent is a knowledge-base of articles which assists contact-centre agents, slashing training times and average cost per call.
Virtual Agents for engaging customer experiences »
Support customers better with smartAgent - a friendly automated character which responds to natural questions with answers from your knowledge-base.
Live web chats with knowledge integration »
Achieve up to 15% higher conversion rates with liveChat, the proactive web chat software for your contact-centre agents with knowledge-base integration.
Instant FAQ suggestions for all your web forms »
Deflect e-mails using knowledge-base content before they reach your contact-centre with formAgent, raising customer satisfaction and lowering costs.
Self-service for social networks »
Your customers expect service and support over social channels. Add intelligent, searchable FAQs directly to a tab on your Facebook page with socialAgent.
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Enterprise Web Chat - 5 Killer reasons
why you are doing it wrong

It highlights:

  • How context is key to intelligent chat
  • Integrating web chat as part of a multi-channel strategy
  • And the importance of security
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Web chat - 5 killer reasons you are doing it wrong
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Downloads Document Downloads »
Product datasheets, original research, infographics and business guides.
Why choose Synthetix? Why choose Synthetix? »
Eight compelling reasons why you'll love our web self-service solutions.
Industry Research Industry Research »
Gartner and Forrester identify Synthetix as a leading knowledge-base vendor.
The Synthetix Blog The Synthetix Blog »
Thoughts and best-practice from the experts in online customer service.
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